Voice of the Customer - or how to better understand your customers with the help of artificial intelligence


Every customer interaction, regardless of the input channel (phone, email, chat, etc.), which is processed in the customer service center says a lot about your customers. Often this information is not or insufficiently evaluated to improve the customer journey. The following questions are exemplary:

  • What are your customers' concerns and desires?
  • Which services that you offer do your customers think are great and where is there a need for need for improvement?
  • What is the mood of your customers when they contact you? Are they happy with your service or rather annoyed?
  • Which solution approaches or processes are best suited to answering or solving your customers' concerns be answered or solved?

This and much more information can be gathered by implementing an AI-powered analytics tool. This data is compiled into detailed statistics and analysis for evaluation, increasing customer understanding. The results can be used to. improve the customer journey of your customers, across channels. This leads to higher customer satisfaction, more sales, happier customers and reduces the workload of their employees.
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