Omnichannel Contact Center

Seamless, Cross-Channel Customer Journeys

Omnichannel: Speed and simplicity through All in One

Omnichannel contact center integrate all contact channels on one platform. All inbound and outbound contacts are assigned via centralized routing of the optimal resource in your contact center system. Consistent reporting allows superior control. Due to uniform channel communication, an omnichannel contact center enhances customer experience and helps you to employ your resource in an optimal way.

  • Seamless switching between contact center and employees
  • Central recording of all of the customer journey's dataConsistent quality of customer service
  • Reporting: analytics/big data
  • Integration of all channels (voice, chat, email, fax...)

    Outbound Dialing Kampagnen optimieren und automatisieren mit modernsten Technologien!

    The results are consistently positive, some customer testimonials

    "By switching from manual dialing from Excel lists to cloud-based outbound solutions, we can reach almost twice as many customers in the same amount of time"

    "By using power and predictive dialing, we can use our resources perfectly and agents don't have to worry about anything except customers."

    "Fiebig is a very flexible service provider with fast response times. Even very spontaneous campaigns are set up quickly and can be executed swiftly."

    There are many use cases why companies want to contact their customers: Address updates, invoice runs, reminders, but also sales-related topics such as cross-selling and upselling

    So get to the lists, or to the CRM, assign employees and off it goes, the painstaking work of contacting and qualifying EVERY customer not yet reached. Often, this is still done manually with telephone lists, Excel tables or, somewhat more modern, even via a CRM system. But it could be much easier.
    The solution for this is called Outbound Dialer. But even here there are qualitative differences and models, which let you work more or less effectively. Let's see what the added values of such a solution should be:

    • Easy to use
    • cloud-based (a MUST in this day and age)
    • Connectors to the most common CRM systems
    • Possibility to connect to other CRM systems via RESTful web services
    • Different options for calling should be enabled (e.g. power, preview or predictive dialing)
    • Appropriate reporting, which provides the key figures for the outbound campaign
    • Optimal utilization of resources e.g. through power and predictive dialing
    • Agentless campaigns e.g. for customer satisfaction surveys
    • Provide different information to agents depending on the campaign

    We are currently helping companies in the financial sector to use outbound campaigns to relieve the burden on various departments: querying customers for low account activity, customer satisfaction surveys (for a specific action), creating appointments for sales staff, and much more.


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    Why one solution for all channels makes sense

    Multichannel: High complexity

    Silos: High complexity due to many interfaces

    Multi-channel solutions are often used in companies today. In this way, customers interact via different communication channels. From the company's point of view, all necessary channels are served, but contacts cannot be orchestrated consistently in this way.
    Thus, each channel and also each backend system represents a silo in itself. These silos are often serviced by different departments and business units, who have to manage and maintain their own technology stack. If new technologies are then to be deployed, the connection to all areas has to be made. This creates a high level of complexity on the technical side that can only be managed by immense IT resources.

    On the service side, customer communication often takes place within the silo. In a multichannel contact centre, channels are mostly isolated - contact center staff cannot see the context of interactions customers have had on other channels or have to switch between multiple interfaces to do so. Sharing customer information between silos is therefore cumbersome and time-consuming.
    Then, as new channels and systems are integrated over time, the entire customer service process becomes further fragmented. The consequences:

    • Teams in customer service and IT have to do extra work in proportion to the number of solutions deployed
    • High workload and long training period for service staff due to the use of multiple interfaces
    • Unclear architecture with dependencies that inhibit innovation
    • Inconsistent and fragmented customer experiences at every touchpoint

    The solution: Omnichannel Contact Center

    All in one speed through simplicity

    Bring all your data together in a single source within your customer engagement platform. An omnichannel contact center integrates all contact channels on one platform. This way, more customer contacts are handled - in less time.

    Omni​​channel Contact Center integrieren alle Kontaktkanäle auf einer Plattform. Alle eingehenden und ausgehenden Kontakte werden über ein zentrales Routing der optimalen Ressource in Ihrem Contact-Center-System ​zugewiesen. Ein einheitliches Reporting ermöglicht eine übergeordnete Steuerung. Ein Omnichannel Contact Center verbessert ​aufg​​rund einer einheitlichen Kommunikation über sämtliche Kanäle die Customer Expe​rience und hilft Ihnen,​ Ihre Ressource optimal einzusetzen.

    • Nahtloser Wechsel zwischen Contact-Center-Mitarbeitern
    • Zentrale Erfassung aller Daten der Customer Journey
    • Gleichbleibende Qualität des Kundenservice
    • Reporting: Analytics/Big Data
    • Integration aller Kanäle (Voice, Chat, Social, E-Mail, Fax, ...)



    Omnichannel combined with artificial intelligence and automation - for the customer experience of the future


    With current technologies, it is possible to make business processes more flexible and to save costs at the same time. Combining omnichannel contact center software with AI and RPA software creates solutions that take your customer service to the next level: processes can be automated end2end. As a result, you save a lot of costs and maximize the quality of your customer service.

    In this context, FIEBIG serves as an integrator: we use innovative and disruptive technologies from market leaders, startups and in-house developments to create the perfect package for you, which we adapt to your existing structures.

    Further information on the topic: Artificial intelligence (AI) as an essential part of the digital strategy