Administration automation framework

BulkIT carries out frequently occurring mass administrative processes automatically.
As an administration automation framework, BulkIT distributes data from various output systems to target systems.
Orders are processed based on defined processes.

Areas of use

  • User provisioning
  • Password reset
  • Call flow visualization


  • Web-based administration tool
  • Automated process execution
  • Access to different data sources (LDAP, DB, ...)
  • Sending notifications
  • Visualizing workflows
  • Creating reports and documentation
  • Connectors

Output systems/Customer system

  • Help desk systems
  • Identity management system

Target system/Customer system

  • Telco systems
  • Databases
  • Directories



The FIEBIG Partner Bar

The FIEBIG Partner Bar is the universally usable CTI client for Avaya Aura systems.
The FIEBIG development team has created a tool that can be connected directly with the Avaya Application Enablement Server (AES), making an external TAPI server obsolete. Seamless integration within the Aura environment extends the features available, making use of the Avaya Communication Manager even more user-friendly.

The most important features:
•    Docking function to PC desktop
•    Auto-hide function
•    Multi-site display of all devices, including status display
•    Programmable shortcut keys, also for external subscribers
•    Click-to-dial shortcut key
•    Drag-and-drop dialing within text and websites, etc.
•    Call pickup

Partner Bar release versions:
February 2014 – Version 2.0.1
March 2013 – Version 2.0.0
June 2012 – Version 1.0.0

If you have any questions about the Partner Bar, please complete our contact form.